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"The world is full of information to be found—however, not all of it is valid, useful, or accurate. Evaluating sources of information that you are considering using in your writing is an important step in any research activity"  (Purdue OWL).

PHS Evaluation Tools:

CARS Prezi:



CARS Worksheet

CARS Worksheet Example

CARS Holocaust Website Evaluation

Junior Website Evaluation Worksheet

CRAAP Powerpoint (Seniors):

by Lori Micho, Johnson & Wales University Library, Denver, CO.

CRAAP Worksheet (revised 9/2016) (Google docs)

        CRAAP Worksheet MS Word        CRAAP Worksheet .pdf


Tips and Tricks for Evaluating Websites

Evaluating is included in Common Core Standards 11-12. RI.7 and 9-10 RI. 1&8