Copyright is  " a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States for 'original works of authorship' including literary, dramatic, musical, architectural, cartographic, choreographic, pantomimic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, and audiovisual creations".   as defined by the U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Issues for Schools - "This monthly Surf Report "brings you a list of sites to help teach students about copyright and deal with copyright issues at your school."

Copyright in an Electronic Environment - This site clearly delineates the limits of fair use in student projects and web pages.

A Teacher's Guide to Fair Use and Copyright - "Modeling Honesty and Resourcefulness by Cathy Newsome. List of copyright-protected works and chart for fair use in the classroom included."

American Library Association on Copyright - Includes articles, court cases, tools.  Sections on fair use and distance education issues.

Copyright and the Internet - This collection of copyright Web sites from George Mason University is extensive.

Taking the Mystery out of Copyright - from the Library of Congress.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about Linking - Is it legal to link to a site without asking permission of its owner? This site answers this question -- sort of.

Getting Permission to Publish: Ten Tips for Webmasters - "The Internet has made it possible for anyone with a computer and modem to become a Web publisher. But, even though technology has made information more accessible to everyone, copyright and trademark laws still apply to Web publishing, and websites are common targets for infringement lawsuits. Here are some tips that can help you avoid legal trouble when you want to use someone else's work on your website."

Copyright & Fair Use - Stanford University Libraries. This is another great resource for information about all areas of copyright.

U. S. Copyright Office - Copyright Basics. This circular answers copyright questions starting on the most fundamental level.

Permission to Link or Post - Midlink magazine provides suggested form letters for requesting permission to use graphics or links.