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We had about 120 students and staff at our 4th period visit with author Mary E. Pearson.  About 30 students and staff joined us for lunch with the author.

Ms. Pearson selected the winning butterfly (see below) and it's artist, Charity Monroe received an autographed copy of Scribbler of Dreams.

Divona Roy, Anna Nordstrom and Rose Powell won the Mary E. Pearson Trivia Contest.  They each received a $25 book gift card.

Ms. Pearson wrote following her visit "thank you again for the wonderful visit... I was so happy to see the students so well-prepared and enthusiastic". 

The library would like to thank you as well for your support and participation in Mary E. Pearson's visit and events leading up to it.

                        Charity Monroe's winning butterfly.


    Thank you Mr. Torretto's classes for your             amazing display.  Stop by and see the


We begin 2012 with a huge gift for science fiction fans.  We received a donation of approximately 300 science fiction books from a member of our community. They will need to be cataloged and processed but then you should find them in the new book trough.  From our donor:

"Science fiction was a big part of my life in high school – they shaped my outlook and hopes for the future (both in my-time and in mankind’s distant future).  I would hope these books could inspire other young minds in the Powegian region".

The end of the semester is right around the corner. 
The library will be open regular hours up until finals.
Finals' days we will open at 7:00 am and stay open until
15 minutes after the last final.  
The library will be closed Thursday, Jan. 19 through Monday, Jan. 23 for textbook return and distribution.

Remember you must come with a pass if you visit the library during class time.

Support your PHS Library.
Visit Barnes and Noble, Dec. 9 - 16.

For every purchase you make the library will receive 20% of your purchase towards PHS library books.

You may visit Barnes & Noble at 11744 Carmel Mountain Rd, online.  You need to at time of purchase give our
Bookfair ID: 10618262
If you order online go to BN.COM/bookfairs for instructions on where to put our Bookfair ID.

Stop by the library with a bookmark with dates, location and the Bookfair ID number.  Or click here for a flyer with details


We are so THANKFUL for the PTSA!  Their support has insured the continuation of our Junior Library Guild subscription.  This subscription sends us 10 new books every month.  To find out more about Junior Library Guild and see some of the titles to come in the months ahead click on the JLG logo.


PHS has a Book Club.  All are invited to their Monday lunch meetings in the library.  The first book being discussed  is Looking for Alaska by John Green.

To find out more visit the Book Club page under the Reading tab.

10/25/2011  BrainPop

Our latest subscription database.  Login with the username and password on the back of your ID card.  And YES, you can play the games.

Update:  TRIALS are now over.  From the lack of feedback all we can assume is that neither resource was useful.

If you would like to see us subscribe to either of the resources, please fill out the career resources poll below or email Ms. Powell.

10/19/2011  EBSCO Coin Trial  

We are fortunate to have a trial of  EBSCO Coin, the career and college database.

Career Cruising

When you finish testing out Coin, try
Career Cruising.   This is an another career/college subscription database.

Please let us know which career
resources you prefer.

10/10/2011  Thank you to all who participated in our annual Banned Books Contest.
Friday's title was Rabbit, Run by John Updike.  Congratulations to staff winner was Pat Bowers and the student winner Richard Williams.   
The Grand Prize is awarded to the staff and student that correctly identified (and spelled right) the most titles and authors all week .
There was a tie for both the staff and student Grand Prize.  The winners were staff:  Sarah Amberg and Pat Bowers ; students: Richard Williams and Nicole Weeks.
9/19/2011  Our ABC-CLIO subscription comes up for renewal in November. We are trying to decide which databases to subscribe to.  If there are any you particularly like, use, think a great resource, let us know by taking the poll.
Update:  Our poll selected the 9 ABC-CLIO databases for this year. They are:
American History      
Daily Life Through History    
Pop Culture Universe    
World History: Modern Era    
 American Government    
 World Geography    
 World Religions
 World at War

9/2/2011  Ever had trouble figuring out what to read next?
What author writes like Nicholas Sparks? 
What book is the next in the Bloody Jack series? 
Looking for historical fiction for Mr.McKee's class?
Try Novelist Plus, the new EBSCO database. 
The username and password are on the back of your ID card.

Welcome back Titans!

This year the library will transfer over to a new web site. 
We are looking for your ideas and comments. We will be
testing out many new formats and technologies and hope you
will join us in embracing the changes. 

We are glad to be back and look forward to the exploration
and change the upcoming year will bring.

5/2/2012 Searching Tools

Frustrated with your Google searches?

Take a look at their Tips & Tricks page for some advice.

Or Try Noodletools' Best Search for Your Information Needs.

Sweet Search is search engine where each site has been
icked by teachers and librarians.


Twurdy is a search engine that gives you results with reading levels. Great if you are looking for easier or more complex information sources.

4/13/2012  Peppered Moth Simulation

This week our biology classes are learning about natural selection.

You, too can hunt the peppered moths.   To read more about the Dr. Kettlewell's research, pollution's role and how camouflage protects moths visit teacher Craig Tevis' peppered moth interactive web page.

3/27/2012      Khan Academy

  "A free world class education for anyone anywhere" is the Khan moto.  Need to brush up on Math prior to the SAT?  How about an additional explanation of oxidation states for chemistry?  Khan Academy content includes videos and practice exercises.  Salman Khan has been featured on TED and CNN if interested in learning more about his genius, you can watch those interviews and speaeches on this site as well.  Khan Academy is strong in math, science, economics, finance and art history.  Where else can you go to learn the binary hand dance

3/19/2012  Open Library   

  "One web page for every book ever published."  That's the goal for this ever increasing ebook and print book depository. 

So far there are over 200,000 ebooks that you can access just by creating an account.  All you need to create an account is an email address.  Once you find a book login to check it out. You can read it on your computer, your Nook, Kindle or iPad.  One of the great features is the search for a keyword within the book.

Also a valuable source for print material, if you find something you would like click and see what libraries it is available from.  Chances are you can borrow it from The Circuit, using your public library card.  Use this for research along with Google books. Or use it for pleasure along with Project Gutenberg

3/5/2012 Book Sharing Trial

We now have the opportunity to borrow books from the other high schools.

DNHS, MCHS, PHS, and Westview have all agreed to share
their book collections.  

What this means for 
you is that if we do not have the book you want you can check to see if another high school does and place a hold on that title.  The other high schoool will then send the book to us via district mail.  The process may take one to two days. 

For more details see your library staff or watch the brief video below showing just how to request a book from another school.


There's been much talk lately of animation creation.  
If you are interested in testing out some of the free, unblocked web animators check out these links below.  

Send us a link to your work and your permission to post and we will ecstatically add your work to our sample animations' page.  Any posted work will be rewarded with a visit to the treasure chest.  

To submit you work, email the link and permission to post to

Just in time for our Health classes drug research, a trial for Teen Health and Wellness.

Login with username= powayhs, password=excels.

This database has something for everyone. I was particularly interested in the article on Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at School.

You can even find out how many muscles it takes to make a :) (hint: many fewer than to make a frown).

We have this for 30 days only, so try it out and let us know if we should keep it or pass.

Start the New Year with improving your word craft.  Check out these grammar sites.
Grammar Girl (from Quick and Dirty Tips):  Mignon Fogarty, "grammar guru" hosts podcasts and quick tips to help you go further or is that farther?
Grammar Handbook from the  Center for Writing Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign  for the most serious students and those that are looking for basic definitions
and examples.

Now for just plain word fun, try Word Central, a dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming resource plus games.  "Test your verbal sensors with two great gamesRobo-Bee and BIGbot."


Need to learn or review facts, places on a map, parts of a

diagram?  This is the place for you.  Sign in and create pages quickly using the wizard. Yes,  it does work on smart phones.  Try our memorize challenge, click on the link to name the seven dwarfs.

The seven dwarfs photo copyright is held by the Walt Disney Co. and the photo is being used for educational purposes.


Need credible, authoritative sources?  Try searching the government's web portal,  You can search by keyword or browse by clicking on the Explore Topic tab.  If there is an agency you are looking for there is a handy A - Z list of agencies under the Popular Items sidebar.  If you look under the Services tab, it will even help you find the cheapest gas prices in Poway.  Explore this immense site which says

it provides access to "whatever you want or need from the U.S. government".

11/7/2011  7,000,000,000+ People

Population International's What's Your Number
helps you realize where you fit in with the world's 7 billion plus population.  Enter your birthday on this interactive site to find your number. Then compare with your friends, your mother, your teacher.  What's Mr. Fisher's number?  
Thank you Mr. McKee for this fine site recommendation.

The Washington Post article, A Global Push to 7 Billion features an interactive map that looks at the 7 billion in terms of age, sex, consumption and our future


"The Living Room Candidate: Presidential Campaign Commercials 1952-2008 is an online exhibition presenting more than 300 television commercials from every election year since 1952, when the first campaign TV ads aired." 
This site is funded by Verizon, no login required to view.  To save or create playlists you must register.

Mr. Califano recommended this fascinating look at how we "merchandise candidates".


Every one deserves a pat on the back. Use iDoneThis as a motivator to keep track of your accomplishments and to maybe remind you of things that still need doing.


"TED is a remarkable Website sharing ideas from the world's most innovative thinkers and experts related to technology, entertainment, design, business, science, and global issues. Watch, listen to, learn, discuss and spread TED" (ALA Best Websites for Teaching and Learning, 2010).
Do you think schools kill
creativity?  Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson does.  Listen to his ideas on TED.


Summer's almost over but take time to enjoy a picnik
"web-based image editor makes it a snap to tweak photos—as well as create collages and share pictures" (reviewed by Jeffrey Wilson, PC Magazine 10/2010).

You can (per picnik):
  • "Fix your photos in just one click
  • Use advanced controls to fine-tune your results
  • Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time
  • Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun
  • Awesome fonts and top-quality type tool"
Try picnik when you create your next powerpoint and awe your friends and teacher.

Picnik is gone.  Try Ribbet.


 9/11 Digital Archives

This week's noteworthy site was chosen in remembrance  and honor of the historic date.
  • The 9/11 Digital Archives  is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and organized by the American Social History Project at the City University of New York Graduate Center and the Center for History and New Media at George Mason University.
  • It is designed to "preserve the record of 9/11 by collecting and archiving first-hand accounts, emails and other electronic communications, digital photographs and artworks, and a range of other digital materials related to the attacks". 

Click the browse button along the search bar to explore by content type: stories, emails, documents, images, etc.

Take time to remember and explore the archives of this
historic event.


Click the browse button along the search bar to explore by content type: stories, emails, documents, images, etc.

Don't fret now that LearningPoint has abandoned their digital dropbox, there is another alternative:

  • Dropbox allows you to share files between computers and mobile devices (like your iphone).
  • You can also always access your shared files on the web at  Dropbox.
  • Dropbox  archives your changes to files for one month.
  • You can keep your files private or share them with others.
  • You can embed a link to a file on your blog or web page. 
  • Dropbox gives you 2 GB of space free. 
So if you forget or lose your flashdrive one day, try Dropbox.

Web Worthy

Web Worthy will feature free technology tools and research sites. It will be updated regularly. Please feel free to suggest a tool or site.
GoAnimate is our first Web Worthy. It is a fun presentation tool that allows you to simply and quickly create a short animation. This could be used in the classroom by both teachers and students.  Once you sign up for the free service you are provided with templates, backgrounds, characters, props, sounds and audio tracks that you can use to create your animation. The finished animation can be embedded into a web page, blog or accessed with a URL.  Hope you enjoy my example animation above.