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FAQs for Teachers



How do I send a student to the library during class time?

Please fill out a library pass. Include the student’s name, the date, time sent, purpose of visit and your signature.  Students may come to the library to work at a table, take a test, check out a book or use a computer (if one is available). 

How many students can I send to the library during class time?

One student at a time. 

How do I sign up to bring my class into the library?

If you would like to do research in the library, Ms. Powell will be delighted to help you and will schedule your visit into the main library.  Please email Ms. Powell letting her know the purpose for the visit, the dates and periods you would like to come.

Core Literature by Grade Level?

The link takes you to the district Core Literature link complete with lexiles for most titles.



How do I get a class set of books?

We may be able to provide full or partial class sets of texts for your students to use while in class.  Please email Ms. Hurley and let her know how many of which titles you would like.
We will respond letting you know how many texts we can let you have and when you can come pick them up.  Class sets will come with a numbered spine label that includes your name in order to make it easier for you to keep track of them.  The class set of texts are checked out to you and you are responsible for them.

What should I do with a textbook I find in my room?

Please return it to the library as soon as possible.  We will check it in.

How do I go about finding out what teaching materials are available for my course?

If you email Ms. Hurley she will send you a list of teaching resources associated with your text.  You can pick and choose what you would like.  If you prefer you may come browse the teaching resources in the textbook room.

How do I order books for my class?

If you would like a single book for your class, let Ms. Powell know the title, author, and date of publication and she will work to order it for you.  If you need more than 10 copies of the same title the book will need to be adopted by the district, approved by all high schools and the principal. 

When it is time for my students to return textbooks what should I do?

Either have your students return the books directly to the library or have the students add their name and book barcode number to a textbook return form. Bring the books and the textbook return form to the library at your convenience.



How many computers are in the library?

 We have 87 computers for student use.  The L13 lab has 31, the Reference room  has 21, the main library has 35. 

How do I sign up to use the L13 computer lab?

Bring up your email, go to the Public Folders.  Select PHS and then select L13 Library Lab.  Once the calendar appears locate the date you would like to visit and see if the times you would like are available. If available double click in the date and add your name and period in the subject line, drop down and enter both the start time and end time for the period and click save and close located at the left side of the top toolbarFor more specific instructions read PHS Electronic Calendars Microsoft Web Access.