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based on current version:  MLA Handbook, 8th ed.

Suggested Resources:

Owl Purdue: MLA Formating and Style Guide
Words NOT to Capitalize in a Title (from Don Mcnaughton, Lane CC Library)

PHS MLA 8th edition template
(To use: open in Google docs, make a copy, rename and then begin filling in the information.)

Citation Examples:

E-Book (Kindle)
E-Book (online subscription)
Journal (database)
Journal (database)
Magazine (online)
Magazine (database-Gale)
Magazine (database-CQ Researcher)

If you would like a citation example for a different source type, please click here and let us know.

Newspaper (online)
Newspaper (database)
Painting (online)
Photograph (database)
Play (in anthology)
Poem (on website)
Speech (print)
Speech (video)
Speech (You Tube)
You Tube
Webpage (California Career Zone)
Webpage (