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These sites all provide free opportunities to create animations.  Some require you to register.  Some may have pay for features. 
We will post examples and tips for using each below. If you have an example you'd like to submit for inclusion, email it to

 Blabberize  Dvolver  Dispainted  DoInk GoAnimate
 Kerpoof  MakeBeliefs Comix
 Pixton  Stripgenerator  Voki Xtranormal


This program allows you to quickly make, share and embed animations. One of the problems with it is that you cannot go back and edit it once completed, you must begin all over again.  Zach's first and second draft are shown below. 
Zach Smith's examples:


Ms. Powell's example: Tommy and Tina Titans Summer 2011 by kpowell

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

How to get started with GoAnimate Slideshare by Marcelo Leal

Do you find some of the pictures and humor in GoAnimate a bit off putting
try Domo Animate.


Ms. Powell's example:

How to Voki Tutorial Slideshare by Karen Brooks