Hensey Photo Instructions

Go to Google Image Search and locate your photo
    - Click on Search tools
        - Select Size
        - Select Larger than 2 MP
Once you find your image, click on the photo and then click on 'View Image'. Save this fullsize image.

Open Photoshop
    Go to File -> new (DO NOT CLICK ON OPEN!)
            -> canvas size 10" x 7"
            -> make sure resolution is 300 dpi
   Click on File -> place
            -> select image (double click)
            -> use corner toggle with shift key held down to resize
            -> when done sizing press Enter
            -> go to Image, then Mode, then Grayscale (choose rasterize, flatten & discard)
            -> Save As Photoshop pdf (You must do this before printing at PHS).
            -> If printing at PHS make sure to select the black/white printer and choose vertical 'portrait' orientation.