Library FAQs

What time does the library open and close? What are the library hours?

The library is closed while the school is closed due to COVID 19 precautions

Can I come to the library during class?

If your teacher approves you may come to the library during class. You will need a pass stating your name, the time you left the class, the time you are to return to class, the purpose for your visit and your teacher's signature.

When you arrive at the library you will need to put your pass in the time stamper at the circulation desk, then in the pass box.

When it is time to return to your class make sure to time stamp your pass again and take your pass back with you.

We try to keep a few computers available during class time for students on passes but during class time our priorities are to teach and assist teachers with the scheduled library classes.

How many books can I check out at a time?

You may check out up to 10 books at a time. If an entire class is doing research on the same topic, we may limit you at that time to two books on the class topic.

How do I know when my books are due?

The best way to find out when your books are do is to login to the catalog.  Make sure you have selected the Poway High catalog and then click on the login button at the top right corner.  Login with your Novell username and password. Then click on the My Info tab and you should see all the books  you have checked out and their due dates.

How long can I keep my library book?

Most books are checked out for three weeks, reference books are overnight only. You may renew a book as long as no one else has a hold request for the title. You may renew as many times as you need to. Renew by logging onto the catalog and click on My Info.  Then click on the renew button.

Does the library have a photo copier?

Not at this time.

Are there fines for overdue books?

Yes, fines are 10¢ a day for a regular book, with a maximum overdue fine of $5.00.  Fines are 50¢ a day for a reference book or video, with a maximum overdue fine of $10.00.

How do I renew a book?

You login with your Novell login to the library catalog. Once logged in click on the My Info tab. Locate the book in your checked out items and click on the renew button. You may renew as often as you need to if no one else has a hold on the book. If you cannot renew it is because someone else has placed a hold on the book. You will need to return it and wait until the book is available again to check it out.

How do I request a book that is already checked out?

You need to place a hold on it by asking a library staff member to do this for you or by doing it online yourself: login to the library catalog with your Novell login. Look up the book in the catalog. Once you have the book's record up on your computer screen you should see a Hold It! button on the right side bar. Click on it and you will be placed in line for the book. We will notify you when it is available for you to check out.

If you have further questions about the library please ask or complete a brief Questions and Comments form.

Textbook FAQs:  

Can I register if I still have textbooks out from last year?

Yes, although textbooks need to be returned or paid for at the end of each school year. If you need a textbook longer than a school year you must have written permission from your teacher.  

Can I check out 2 sets of textbooks because I live at two houses?

Unfortunately, two sets of books are only available for students with a medical reason (this requires a signed doctor's note) or a notation in an IEP (individual education plan).  

Can I check out a textbook for a day or a period, I forgot mine?

We don't have enough copies of certain textbooks to loan to students who already have a copy checked out.  It is your responsibility to bring your textbooks to class when required.

Last year I was charged a $15 bindery fine. What are the textbook fines?

If the cover of the book is the only part damaged beyond use, we can send it to the bindery to be recovered.  The bindery charge is $15. 

Other charges are:

    Post-it removal    $2.00
    Barcode removal  $3.00
    Writing in book    $1.00 per page
   Dog-earred pages   $1.00
   Minimal water damage $6.00

If the book is water damaged so that it is unusable or  has mildew the replacement price of the book will be charged.

These fines are in accordance with PUSD administrative procedure (6.84.1), the student and/or his/her parents are liable for the replacement cost or repair of any lost, vandalized, or damaged book.

How long do I have to let you know that my textbook has writing in it? 

You have a month after you received the textbook to notify us that your book is damaged.  We will make a notation of the damage so you will not be held responsible for it.

Computer FAQs:

How many computers are in the library?

There are 40 desktop computers available for students to use in the main area of the library.

Is there a printer I can print to?

There is currently one black and white library printer and one color printer for student use.  You can print from most of the computers in the library.

What if I don't have money to print?

There is currently no charge for printing.

Does the library have a scanner?

Yes, there is a scanner attached to a computer in the main library.

Can I play games on the library computers?

Any educational games assigned by a teacher as part of a class assignment may be played on the library computers.  If not a class assignment, the students will be asked to adhere to the district guidelines for Student Internet Safety and Responsible Use - AP 3.39.1
Students may not download software to the library computers.