Social Science Research Database Renewals SURVEY

Up for Renewal:

Proquest Databases 
  • History Study Center - Brings together in one place a variety of resources for students, including reference materials, images (photographs and illustrations, video and interactive maps), and Study Units, which gather primary and secondary sources into over 500 survey and specific topics frequently taught in American and World History classes.
  • eLibrary Curriculum Edition - New interface which includes more than 2,500 full-text and multimedia sources, and access to the History Study Center and ProQuest Learning: Literature resources with a single search.
  • SIRS Decades: Resource containing primary source and reference content from the 20th century. Content is organized into curricular topics pertaining to American history, culture, and daily life of the time. Primary source types include: advertisements, editorial cartoons, letters, memos, messages, maps and charts, photographs, posters, published articles, and speeches.
ABC-CLIO Databases
Databases we currently subscribe to (through Nov. 30) are checked.

Subscription Considerations:
  • Proquest
    • Should we continue to subsribe to Sirs Decades or the History Study Center?
    • If we choose to continue to subscribe to the History Study Center, do we prefer the old or elibrary interface?
    • Do we want to continue our current subscription or swap out others.
    • For this year, we could add 5 additional with our renewal. Which additional 5 would you prefer?
Let me know your thoughts, fill out the brief survey.

Current Social Science Research Databases:

  • World Book Online
  • Gale
    • Student Resources in Context
    • Academic OneFile
    • Biography in Context
    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context
    • Virtual Reference Library

    • Student Research Center
    • EBSCO Host (AP interface)
    • Biography Reference Center
    • ELL Reference Center
    • History Reference Center
    • Points of View Reference Center
  • Salem History
    • Includes Milestone Documents of American History, Decades Encyclopedias (40s - 90s),  Encyclopedia of American Immigration
  • Salem Health
    • Includes Magills Medical Guide (6th ed.), Encyclopedia of Psychology and Mental Health.