Senior Project Presentations
Senior  Project Check Up Format (download to Word, Save As  with your own file name, then you can begin typing in your own information)

Powerpoint 2010:

Powerpoint 2010 Basics Video Tutorial from CSU Fullerton

Powerpoint 2010 Add a Video from NewYork State University at Albany

Animoto is a great way of showcasing a group of pictures.  To use it you will need to sign up and create an education account.  Use the promo code a4epowe99e761

 Designing Better Powerpoints:

Don McMillan: Life After Death by Powerpoint

Google Presentation:

Introduction on ThingLink by teacher Carrie Baughcum


For your presentation,  make sure you have the URL for your Prezi.  You can get the URL by clicking on Share.

Prezi Tutorial

Getting Started with Prezi

Prezi's Complete Video Tutorial Library

Prezi example:

The Shy Presenter's Tips:

Sacha Chua,  a remarkable presenter and wonder with social media,  offers up her tips for those of us that find it difficult to present.  If this presentation helps, check out her blog for more tips.

Ignite Toronto 3: Sacha Chua - The Shy Presenter: An Introvert’s Guide to Speaking in Public from Ignite Toronto on Vimeo.