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Senior Research 2013

Senior Project library research includes three activities in the columns below.
Seniors will work on the activities while completing their senior research project with their English classes.
If you miss an activity, consult with your English teacher about due dates and then follow the instructions for the appropriate section below.

Evaluate    Information   

AASL Std 1.1.5

    1.  Learn about how to use the CRAAP test (created by Meriam Library, CSU Chico) by watching this brief video:

Click on picture above to view while at PHS.

Click on link below to view via YouTube when off campus:
Evaluating Information Using
the CRAAP test (Video by Lori Micho, Johnson & Wales University Library, Denver, CO)

Or view this Western University graphic explanation of the CRAAP test.

    2.  Complete the Evaluation Worksheet on one internet (not database) source you will use in your Works Cited.

For help:

    3.  Turn in completed evaluation worksheet to your English teacher.

Gettysburg College CRAAP test explanations

    Ethical Use of Information

    AASL Std. 1.3.1
    Test your knowledge of plagiarism and its ramifications by playing the game:

    Goblin Threat (created by Mary Broussard, Snowden Library, Lycoming College)

     Hint: tab to find all the goblins in  a room.      
    • When finished with the game, create a screenshot of the final page by pressing at the same time Ctrl and the Print Screen buttons on your keyboard, then pasting it into a new Word document.
    • Add your name, your English teacher's name and period as a header in the document. 
      • Save the document as Goblin Threat.
      • Go to Learningpoint and from your list of classes choose PHS Library.
      • Click on Sr. Project - Goblin Threat button on the left sidebar.
      • Follow the instructions to submit the assignment. 
      • Pick up your Goblin treat from Ms. Powell after the assignment is submitted. 


      Additional Plagiarism Links:

      Ms. Webb's plagiarism and parapharasing PPT.
      Is it Plagiarism Yet? (Purdue OWL)
      Lycoming College Plagiarism Tutorial

      Final Information Literacy Assessment

      We are participating in a nationwide Information Literacy Assessment called TRAILS. TRAILS is a project of Kent State University and the Institute of Library and Information Literacy Education.

      Teachers, librarians and administrators across the district and throughout the U.S. will be able to see the scores.  Your identity will remain anonymous.  We plan  to use the scores to analyze what we are doing well and what we could improve on in the years ahead.

      After all in your class have taken the test, you will be able to review both your answers and the correct answers.

      This year we ask that you take the 10 question,  Evaluating Information Resources test.

      Ms. Powell will give you a code to access the test questions.

      Once you have the code, click on the link below for your English Teacher and period to get to the correct assessment.

      Amberg 1
      Amberg 5 
       Amberg 6
      Carr 1
       Carr 3
      Graber 1  
       Graber 3
       Graber 5 
       Graber 6
      Holzhauer 1
       Holzhauer 4
      Libby 2
      Roy 2
       Roy 4

       Wientzen 4
       Wientzen 5

      If you score 100% you will be invited to visit the treasure chest.This is an incentive you won't want to miss!

      The English class and period with the highest average will receive a special award at the end of the semester.