Industrial Revolution:  Then and Now          World History 2017-18        Assignment

The databases at Poway High School ask you to login with a username and password.  The username and password is on the back of your ID card.

Tips:  Try using synonyms, your first keyword may not be the best.  When searching databases use 3 - 4 keywords maximum. Put phrases in quotes e.g. "assembly line".  Combine words using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), for example "Industrial Revolution" AND medicine.

WorldBook Advanced - Encyclopedias are good ways to start any research project. WorldBook has credible articles, authored by experts with complete MLA citations at the bottom. 

FactCite American History - One of our simplest to use databases. Remember it only covers United States history.  Search or use the alphabetical topic listing.  MLA citations at the bottom of each article.

ABC-CLIO History Databases - Try doing a search across all databases for inventions or look under Topics for articles in World History: The Modern Era, Daily Life through History or American History . MLA citations at bottom of articles.

Proquest History Study Center - (Click on the orange My Products Page.) A premier source for global historical information. Results are divided into Study Units, Historical Documents, Maps & Reference, Multimedia and Journals. Click on  "Cite this for the MLA citation.

EBSCO History Reference Center - Includes reference books and magazine articles.  Along with your written search results, pictures and videos show up in the right sidebar.  To get to the MLA citation, click on the article and then look at right sidebar under Tools and click on Cite. MLA citations also are delivered when you choose to save or print an article or picture.

Gale Student Resource in Context  has many articles about people and inventions.  When you find an article that looks good you can translate it into several languages or have it read to you.  Reference is a good place to start, but scroll down for Images. MLA citations at bottom of articles.

Sources for Pictures:
"Millions of rights cleared images" all downloadable to your Google Drive and complete with MLA citation.  Many historical as well as contemporary.

Login with your ID number and you school password.  Good resource for images with MLA citations.  Do a keyword search then locate images across top horizontal toolbar.  Locate an image and Save As.  MLA citation information is available lower down the page, underneath the image.

Citing and Evaluating:
  • If you are using a web source, not a subscription database, evaluate with CARS Template (You can either open this in Google docs to complete or download to Word, Save As and complete) If a CARS print worksheet would be easier, pick up one from Ms. Powell.

Edward Jenner vaccinating a child (WorldBook Online)


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