PHS Annual Author Visit:
Melissa de la Cruz

Author Melissa de la Cruz will be at Poway High on Tuesday, April 15.  She will lunch with any interested students in K-1.  Ms. De La Cruz will also speak to select 5th period classes.

Join us in our celebration of the author's works.   We would like to enlist your help in creating a frozen Las Vegas, the backdrop of Ms. De La Cruz's latest novel.  Stop by and pick up a piece of our special snowflake paper.  We would like to add your snowflake to the frozen window scene.
Interested in learning more about the book? Click here to read an excerpt. 

In anticipation of the release of Ms. De La Cruz's The Ring and the Crown we are assembling our own floral crown to present to the author.  Please help.  Pick up some tissue paper and a tie and create a flower to adorn the crown.

The Ring and the Crown comes out April 1. 
To read the first few chapters click here.

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2013 Teens Top 10

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Thank you PHS students and staff for another successful author visit.

Author Visit Collage

Congratulations to Jillian Dolan the winner of our author trivia quiz.

Melissa de la Cruz Trivia Quiz:
Final Triva Quiz Question:
What is the title of an article that Ms. De La Cruz wrote for Redbook magazine?
"My husband lives 130 miles away!" Redbook, Dec. 2004.
Thursday's Question: 
What 2 series would be considered read-alikes or are similar to Blue Bloods according to EBSCO Novelist?
by Claudia Gray, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Mercian Trilogy by Kevin Wignall
Wednesday's Question: 
List 2 reasons why Ms. De La Cruz published her Wolf Pact series in ebook format only? Missed publisher's in print deadline.  Needed Wolf Pact to come out before Gates of Paradise for Gates of Paradise to make sense.
Tuesday's Question:
Which book of Ms. De La Cruz's was made into a TV series?
Witches of East End
Monday's Question:
Ms. De La Cruz likes to pick out music that goes along with her books.  The song, “A Heavy Abacus” is on what playlist?
Schuyler's Playlist.  Since Schuyler Van Alen stars in the Blue Bloods' series if you listed any of the titles in that series or just her name, you got credit. 
Friday's Question:
What city’s silhouette is on the cover of Melissa de la Cruz’s book, Gates of Paradise? London
Thursday's Question:
What is the title of the name of the song used on the book trailer for Melissa de la Cruz’s upcoming novel, The Ring and the Crown?
"The Funeral" by Band of Horses
Wednesday's Question:
What is the title of the 4th book in the bestselling Blue Bloods series?  The Van Alen Legacy
Congratulations to Jillian Dolan for answering this question correctly.
Tuesday's Question and Answer:
What was Ms. De La Cruz's rank in her high school graduating class?
She graduated salutatorian (2nd in her class) from The Convent of the Sacred Heart high school in San Francisco.
Monday's Questions and Answers:
What was Ms. De La Cruz's first young adult book series? The Au Pairs
What year did it the first book in the series come out? 2005.

In preparation for our author visit we will have a daily quiz question to help you become more familiar with her and her books.  The staff and student that answer the most questions correctly will win an autographed copy of a Ms. de la Cruz book

Battle of the Books :
SLJ Battle of the Books
Looking for some March Madness?
So disappointed in Eleanor & Park's loss.  Hopefully it will be the choice to come back from the grave.    For more updates or to read the judge's reasoning visit

1st line Fridays continues!
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This week's first line is only a partial first line (Tweets can only be 140 characters), "You cannot shame or belittle people into changing their behaviors".

Guess the title and be entered into our raffle for a Barnes & Noble giftcard. One winner every 6 weeks.
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The Healthy Research Trophy is here.  We swept the contest and left Westview trailing.  Our individual research awards went to Duc Nguyen, Ms. McMillan and Ms. Mogush.  They persevered  through the entire month and answered all 8 questions. Thank you all for exploring our new database, Teen Health & Wellness.

12/4/13  Research Award

This year the library will be awarding $100 to the student with the best research essay.  The essay should be one you wrote for a PHS class as the teacher of the class will also be honored with a prize.  To learn more or to submit your essay visit the Research Award page.

11/22/2013   INFOGRAPHICS

Seniors are preparing for their first senior project presentation by creating an infographic. An infographic is a visual representation of data or instructive materials.  Here is one on the Color Distribution of YA Book Covers.  It is by writer, Kate Hart. Click on the graphic to enlarge.

Our next book group discussion will be about Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Join us in reading this discussion provoking title.  Copies available for checkout.  Book Group will meet to discuss on Jan. 8 at lunch in the library.

10/14/13 PTSA Thank-you
Today we are signing a thank-you card for the PTSA.  They paid for our Junior Library Guild subscription.  This subscription provides PHS with 12 new books a month.  So when you visit today, make sure and sign letting us know you appreciate new  books.
We <3 PTSA!
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